Book Wine Box

Ideal box for storing books and wine bottles.

40cm x 29cm x 43cm

300 Cube


4.0 x 3.0 - 30 m3

Crystal Box

Keep precious items safe in this twin cushion box.

40cm x 30cm x 33cm

Porta Robe

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier. No folding of clothes necessary, just hang them directly onto the steel rail.

59cm x 47cm x 109cm

Tea Chest

The most versatile moving box. Double thickness walls provide protection for breakable and fragile items. Great for household items.

43cm x 40cm x 59cm

625 Cube

This super size makes ideal storage for lampshades, large pillows plus it’s sturdy enough for large household items & breakables.

62cm x 62cm x 62cm



Easy tie - 10m


Keep pictures safe from knocks & scratches.

104cm x 75cm x 77cm

Flat Pack

Commonly used to pack linen, clothes and shoes.

95cm x 47cm x 26cm

Archive Box

One piece assembly with built in carry handles and hinged lid. Designed for reliable stacking.

39cm x 30cm x 26cm

Kitchen Box

Moveable dividers to accommodate a diversity of crockery

60cm x 30cm x 30cm

500 Cube

500 Cube Strong heavy duty box. Ideal for computer monitors appliances and bulky items.

50cm x 50cm x 50cm

Butchers Paper

The essential item when packing for moving or storage use on all household goods and breakables. Non shiny surface for easy packing. Sheet size approx 58cm x 81cm.

2.5kg approx 125 sheets
5kg approx 250 sheets
15kg approx 750 sheets

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap provides superb
cushioning and shock protection.

- 500mm x 5m
- 500mm x 10m
- 500mm x 100m
- 375mm x 50m

Tapes & Labels

Packaging Tape
● General Purpose (48mm x 75m. brown/clear)
● Fragile tape
Tape Dispensers
● Economy dispenser (+2 rolls clear tape)
● Pistol grip dispenser - easy grip handle

Tissue Paper

This acid free tissue paper provides valuable protection for glassware and other fragile items.

Sheet size approx 40cm x 66cm
One ream approx 1000 sheets
Roll of 50 sheets

Wine Box

Designed especially to keep wine flat. Use with the special moulded fibre inserts to keep wine from moving during transit.

49cm x 32cm x 16cm

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